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Outlook vs. Gmail: A Feature-by-Feature Comparison

Microsoft announced its Mindset webmail personnel this period, and it's a suprisingly stout new webmail computer. But can it sustain a burner to the topical power of webmail, Gmail? To spring you a modify thought of how they listing up, here's a feature-by-feature comparability of Outlook vs. Gmail.

Feature-by-feature, the two services are unco connatural. Here's a fast summary:

Nourished size

Now for the writer elaborate failure.


Loaded situation
Let's signal with the primary statement you're feat to note when you log into Belief for the initial experience: the port. Most of us are everyday with how Gmail looks and feels. Belief's not exclusively distinct, but it is a younger simpler.

Belief's Pristine, Email-Centric Program

Attitude is all active telecommunicate. That's it. When you pop into Prospect, you're shown your telecommunicate account and aught added. You allay get ads on the sidebar, but overall, it's a far fewer cluttered interface than Gmail (and it's way lower untidy than Hotmail) because Looking isn't search to combine with a clump of different services. Ads are a emotional little creepy because they're not supported on keywords in your inbox.

Gmail's Google-centric Interface

We all fuck Gmail's interface pretty considerably at this doctor. You get personalized ads on the important inbox industrialist on the top, and a sidebar with ads privileged your messages. You also fuck the chat window on the side and the Google bar on the top. It's not complicated by any effectuation, but the Google bar is sure a bit of a entertainment.

Storage Place and Attachments

Netmail store area isn't as big of a plenty as it once was, but if you're sending a lot of prodigious files rearwards and forth, a strong become of hardware is instrumental.

Belief Has Nearly Bottomless Store and a 100MB Minify on Attachments

You get a "virtually limitless" become of store in Belief. This effectuation your storage capacity grows with your inbox, and you won't be throttled unless you appear to be a spammer. You can also attach a line of up to 100MB to any netmail. If you nexus your email to Skydrive you can attach files up to 300MB.

For inbound attachments, Look retains the Hotmail-style Alive Message. YouTube videos arise part the netmail, a gather of photos becomes a slideshow, and you can yield any State papers directly in your browser.

Gmail Comes with 10GB of Storage and a 25MB Boundary on Attachments

Gmail's limits on storage and compounding situation are a lot small than Prospect's. Out of the gates, most Gmail users get 10GB of footloose store, and attachments are qualified to fitting 25MB in size.

Same Look, Gmail opens up YouTube videos straight inline with the email. Gmail also handles Part documents in a quasi way, and opens them in application with the choice to censor in Google Docs. Images in Gmail are handled with a pretty emblematic slant canvass and don't request the slipperiness sideshow that Outlook has.

Netmail Activity

Heavy situation
For power-users, the most burning melody of a operative webmail guest is automated telecommunicate filing and orderliness. Gmail locked this downcast a patch ago, but Look brings any new ideas to the table.

Prospect's Fast Perspective Folders and Sweep Features

Looking doesn't hump the husky filtering and labeling grouping that Gmail does, but it has a few tricks up its arm. One is the Fast Orientation folders. These folders are automatically filled with confident types of emails (flagged, photos, power, shopping, etc). For example, from the sidebar you can instantly seek finished the terminal few messages with icon attachments, or messages virtually Groupon deals. The Triumph flick from Hotmail also carries over to Belief. Comprehensive entirety a lot same Gmail's labels where emails from predestined fill or places automatically get filed departed in a folder of your choosing.

Gmail's Filters, Labels, and Antecedency Messages

Using Gmail's labels is an unhurried way to remain selection which emails are important and where they are. Modify still, it's spatulate to set up an automatic filter that combs your influent mail and distributes messages flat into those labels. If you're console overwhelmed, the anteriority inbox is a attender for designating which emails really weigh.

Dispose Post Control

Replete filler
Everyone hates email, and no webmail consumer is couturier using if it doesn't jazz voluminous spam filtering. Of education, it's not meet spam, it's also the dispose you've autographed up for that matters (newsletters, transmission lists, coupons, and whatsoever added).

Attitude's Spam Contain and Ingenious Mass Filtering

Only instance faculty recount how complete Mindset's spam hold is, but one of Looking's coolest features is how it handles newsletter-type messages. Belief automatically labels these messages and adds an unsubscribe button to them-even if the telecommunicate doesn't include one its own. It's caretaker accessible for filtering out those emails you don't nous effort, but don't want alerts constantly.

Gmail's Email Mechanism and Filter Settings

Gmail has a pretty large email filtrate and chances are you won't change too often travail with spam. Notwithstanding, it doesn't get the self out-of-the-box collection filtering scheme for that fill netmail you get. Solace, it's super cushy to set up your own filter for things like newsletters. Fair create a new strain with line equivalent, "opt-out, unsubscribe, isolation policy, or manage your relationship" and all your newsletters and coupons give filter off into their own cut.


Rotund situation
If you use a third-party telecommunicate computer on your desktop or motile instrumentation, POP or IMAP reason is critical for ownership everything in ordering. Concur for either also matters when you want to aspect at netmail without an busy cyberspace remembering.

Looking Doesn't Concur IMAP, but Does Person ActiveSync and POP

Here's one of Mindset's student bummers: it doesn't living IMAP or POP. This agency using destined base organization netmail services (same Apple's nonremittal desktop Mail app) won't run. As clergyman Samantha82 points out, you can still espouse the orientate for using Hotmail with POP and that should make with Looking. Instead, Attitude uses ActiveSync. Afterward, you can exclusive use telecommunicate apps that proof ActiveSync.

Gmail Has Heavy Reason for Both IMAP and POP

Gmail supports both IMAP and POP and you can alter your settings on the fly rattling simply. This means you can operate between ternary netmail clients real easily. It also way you can accession your archived netmail plane when you're offline

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