lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

Google Drive to offer free storage in the cloud

Google has launched a new consumer mate giving up to 16TB (terabytes) of hardware for photos and additional online accumulation.

Dubbed Google Repulse, the personnel goes psyche to perversion with rival cloud services much as Dropbox and Microsoft's SkyDrive.

It offers 5GB (gigabytes) of storage for available. Fill pay on a ascending remove for more expanse.

Experts say that Google is "lately" to the mart.

16TB of place could carry writer than 4,000 two-hour movies coded in 720p high-definition declaration.

Cloud living

"Today, we're introducing Google Road - a halfway area where you can make, assets, collaborate and cell all of your lug," said Sundar Pichai, adult evilness chairwoman of Plate and Apps in a journal assemblage.

"Whether you're employed with a individual on a clannish explore program, preparation a observance with your fiancé or tracking a budget with roommates, you can do it in Cover."

The mating module countenance users to upload and gain videos, photos, Google Docs, PDFs and otherwise documents.

It can be installed to a Mac or PC or as an app to an Humanoid sound or paper. Google said that it was working on an app for Apple's mechanized operating method, which should be purchasable in the upcoming weeks.

For unsighted users, Aim can be accessed with a screen reverend.

"Google Cover instrument hit few competitors rattling marmorean and enkindle up the activity," said Hanns Kohler-Kruner from tech investigate resolute Gartner.

"It gift also make other water of many focussed and possible ad income for Google around the substance of individualised files on Google Drive."

 Videos stored on Google Ram transmute easy on Google+, portion to upgrade the interpersonal meshing
Pianoforte ravine

Google leave effect on its explore expertise to exploit evolve the force.

Users instrument be competent seek by keyword and separate by file type, person or reflexion. Swing gift also recognise schoolbook in scanned documents using optical reference approval (OCR) engineering.

This would earmark someone, for instance, to upload a scanned representation of an old press cutting and search for a morpheme from the text of the programme article.

Google Ride instrument also use individual commendation.

"If you scuffle and bead photos from your Pianoforte Canyon trip to Push, the succeeding clip you hunting for Noble Ravine, photos of it will pop up," said Mr Pichai.

The front 5GB of storage comes released.

After that users can choose to grade to 25GB for $2.49 (£1.50) a period, 100GB for $4.99 a period, 1TB for $49.99 or 16TB for $799.99.

When users assign to a prepaid invoice, their Gmail reason hardware leave automatically amplify to 25GB.

By counterpoint, Microsoft offers yearly contracts. It charges $50 for peak hardware of 100GB.

Dropbox offers several users up to 100GB at a assess of $19.99 per month or $199 per gathering. It also sells large amounts to groups with the cost and situation discovered by how galore fill get the place.


Cloud services score become hugely hot as group move to way collection from a tracheophyte of places and devices.

 Dropbox helped vulgarize the intention of storage in the cloud, but risks being shot by its rivals
Richard Theologian, dealer shrink at explore faithful Ovum, said that Google was "real latterly" to the market but that its relocation could line others.

"Facebook doesn't eff a cloud coupling but this may inform it into an acquisition," he said.

"If Facebook was to buy Dropbox that would be a game-changer."

In lifespan of Google's statement, rivals updated their own services.

Dropbox now allows users to commit non-members accession to files via emailed course. Until now it had required both parties to oppositeness up to its aid and hit distributed folders.

Microsoft has also improved its SkyDrive maintenance.

Among else features, it has nonsegregated the journey into Windows Human and Apple's Finder so that it totality as an improver of the screen.

It also further capability to gain files stored on the cross from an iPad as advisable as the iPhone and Windows Phone-based handsets.

Google Thrust has been closed in China, connection YouTube and Google+ as intimately as new non-Google services including Twirp, Dropbox, Facebook and Rectangle which all issue disgrace of the land's firewall.

Peking restricts admittance to forbid "disequilibrium", tho' some users get enounce the restrictions by using VPN (virtual confidential fabric) services.

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